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12 Jan, 2011



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Zeit²™ is a traditional side-scrolling, 2D, shoot-’em-up game that brings unprecedented elements to the game experience. Zeit²’s unique time travel feature has yet to be seen in this genre even after decades of great games. Intuitive controls allow players to move forward and backward in time making it possible for the player to combine shots and power, and even be assisted by a shadow version of yourself. Blast away swarms of enemies, get the highest score and discover how you can assist yourself in new exciting ways by warping time at will.


  • Time Travel: Assist yourself and perform stunning moves by interacting with your time shadow when travelling back in time. Pace the game and gain extra points by speeding up time. Balance your time travel and life energy to master the game through 70 challenges.
  • 8 Epic Bosses Battles: Discover the potential of your arsenal of powerful moves while fighting over a dozen different enemies and defeating the eight massive bosses.
  • Weapon Upgrades: Your main weapon can be upgraded three times and you will feel the striking force of your additional weapon systems including Beam-Shot, Chain-Shot and Shockwave. The bonus system gives you extra score multipliers as long as you don’t miss out on shooting all enemies.
  • 6 Challenging Game Modes: Go on a journey through 20 chapters of action and variety in the Arcade mode. Challenge others for the highest score in the other modes: Score Attack, Survival, Wave, Time Limit and Tactics. All modes are well integrated with leaderboards and unlockable achievements.
  • Easily accessible for the casual player and yet challenging for the hardcore gamer.


Early history

Zeit² started as a student project and its original prototype was developed in a 72h challenge. Brightside Games’ first public release Zeit² is a 2d side-scrolling shooter with unique time-travel mechanics.


Zeit² is published on XBLA and Steam by Ubisoft. Zeit² was critically acclaimed by many international reviewers for its innovativ mechanics, lasting appeal through a great variety of game modes and the fresh approach to the shoot ‘em up genre.

Won “Best Game Design” at German Game Developer Awards 2011

Finalist in IGF 2009, IGC 2010 and Dream Build Play 2008 contests.

Highest review of 90% and over 35 reviews of 80% or higher.

Two-pager with 82% in “XBG 360 Games” Germany’s top 360 magazine.

Reviews most of all honored the innovative time-travel gameplay.


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Developer Diary YouTube


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Awards & Recognition

    • "We won the German Game Developer Award 2011 for Best Game Design with Zeit2" www.deutscher-entwicklerpreis.de
    • "Zeit² was Indie Game Challenge Finalist 2010 (Top 12 out of over 250 entries)" http://www.indiegamechallenge.com
    • "Zeit² was selected for the Independent Games Festival Student Showcase 2009 (Top 10 out of 145 worldwide)" http://www.igf.com/2009studentfinalistswinners.html
    • "Zeit² was selected as a Microsoft Dream Build Play 2008 Finalist and showcased at the Xbox LIVE Community Games launch event" http://www.dreambuildplay.com

    Selected Articles

      • "It’ll change what you think a shooter is supposed to be. - 80%"
        - Destin Legarie, Destructoid
      • "A ground breaking mechanism that revamps the genre with a new beauty. - 8.5"
        - Dermot Di Cocco, 360.mmgn.com
      • "The boss battles in the game are awesome. They all require creativity and reflexes to beat. - 8.5"
        - J. Bradshaw, Capsulecomputers
      • "Zeit Squared's clever mechanics combine to create a unique and satisfying shoot-'em-up. - 8.0"
        - Chris Watters, Gamespot

      About Brightside Games

      Brightside Games is an independent game development studio based in Berlin, that formed out of a student team in 2009. Brightside Games’ debut title Zeit² was released in January 2011 on XBLA and Steam. It was very well received by the international press with 35 reviews of 80% or higher and specifically praised for its innovative gameplay. Zeit² was also finalist in the IGF and other independent game development competitions. Early 2013 Brightside Games released their original party battle game SPiN WARS across multiple platforms including Android, Apple AppStore, OUYA, PC and Mac. "SPiN WARS" was also part of the Indie Royale Bundle. Moreover Brightside Games developed the successful racing game with an innovative co-pilot concept "Rally the World", created a game for deaf children and teaches game development classes at several universities. "Sheep Shack" another Brightside Games original that features sheering sheep while they fly through the air was released May 2013 on iOS.

      More information
      More information on Brightside Games, our logo & relevant media are available here.

      Zeit² Credits

      Thomas Bedenk
      Creative Director & Managing Director

      presskit() by Rami Ismail (Vlambeer) - also thanks to these fine folks